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About Us

Ppluto is fast growing company that sells contact-lenses that matches the interest of the people. Our company values the customers interest that’s why we keep on improving and enhancing our designs. They say that you can see the beauty of the person on their eye’s, and we are here to help you achieve the beauty that you wanted.

Ppluto loves our customers that much that’s why we decided to not have a minimum order, because we see our customers in an equal way. Each product is carefully selected to provide the best quality at a low price. We are always striving to provide our customers with a wide selection of some of the hottest and newest products.

Our commitment to serve our customer will continue to improve that’s why we continue to provided training so we can provide you good customer service.

Make your eyes wise because Ppluto can make your eyes nice!

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Phone: +1 (254) 331 7401